Improving Customer Service in Over 6,000 Retail Bank Branches Across the Country

SRMA is a specialty surety products company that provides unique surety solutions for retail banks. Our one-of-a-kind surety product not only simplifies the process of replacing lost, damaged, or destroyed checks, but does so at no cost to the bank.

Do you know how easy or difficult it can be for banking customers to replace a check that is lost, damaged, or destroyed?

For most customers, this process is cumbersome and can take days. Learn how SRMA can help you turn a lost check into a customer win.


Specialty Risk Managers of America, Inc. (SRMA) is the nation’s only surety bond provider focused on specialty financial instrument bonds.

Lost Official Check Program

SRMA’s Lost Official Check Program is a one-of-a-kind surety product designed specifically for retail banking.


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More than 25 Years of Experience Working with Leading Retail Banks

SRMA not only created the innovative Lost Official Check product, but we have been perfecting it over the last 25 years for some of the world’s largest retail banking institutions. Learn more about SRMA and how we can improve your customer service and mitigate potential risk for your retail banking institution.

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Lost Official Check Program

Do you know how many official/certified checks are lost, damaged or stolen annually?

If you don’t, your retail financial institution might have significant off-book liability that could potentially cost you in the future. Learn how SRMA’s Lost Official Check Program can help you both manage and avoid any surprises from dangerous off-book liability.


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